Mekeo Bilum

  • These multipurpose  nylon bags are used for carrying garden produce, cradling sleeping babies and ceremonial activities. The beauty of the Mekeo Bilums is not only in the vibrant colours but also in the skill and dedication required to produce them. It is a true testament to the rich cultural diversity found in Papua New Guinea.
  • Medium size body and medium strap length.
  • Adornments sold separately.

47cm wide
35cm high
46cm strap

Artisan weaver Esla Kavin, 32, lives with her family in the Bena Bena valley near Fanuifa in Goroka. She is the sole income earner in her extended family and takes care of six people, including supporting her younger sisters children’s school fees. Esla has been weaving since she was young, a craft learned from her mother, and today she has made the vibrant snake pattern her signature.

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To clean bag, remove pom pom and tassel, spot clean and lay flat to dry in sun.

* Adornments sold separately

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