Half Diamond Design 2797

  • The Half Diamond is a traditional pattern associated with a young woman’s journey into adulthood. A girl would weave this design when she reaches the age of puberty.
  • This Bilum is handwoven from acrylic and wool yarn as well as upcycled knitwear using traditional weaving techniques. 

  • Large size body and medium strap length.
  • Embellishments sold separately.

39cm wide
36cm high
85cm strap

This Bilum was lovingly woven by Barbara Pagasa. Barbara lives with her husband Michael in Mount Hagen in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. She is a wonderful ambassador and aggregator of Among Equals and also a much-loved group leader and dedicated program coordinator at House Of Hope, a refuge she established for women requiring healthcare. Barbara takes these women in with tremendous compassion, warmth and kindness.

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* Adornments sold separately

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