Block Design 2427

  • The Block design tells the story of how poor women are treated back in the village.
    When the women come together to feast, those of lower status are given only squares of the pig’s skin. The Skin Pik bilum design is a fierce reclamation of this powerful cultural symbol.
  • This Bilum is handwoven from acrylic and wool yarn as well as upcycled knitwear using traditional weaving techniques.
  • Medium size body and short strap length.
  • Adornments sold separately.

    40cm wide
    37cm high
    93cm strap

    Artisan weaver Salome Park, 30, is married with five children. Her eldest daughter, Rachel, 13, has started to learn the craft from her mother after school. Salome’s husband is currently setting up a nature park for tourists in Goroka, meanwhile Salome weaves whenever she can to support the family’s income.

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    To clean bag, remove pom pom and tassel, cold machine wash and line dry.

    * Adornments sold separately

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