Our engagement with the women weavers in PNG has taught us the joy of receiving bilum and the power of connection through sharing stories.

Over the festive season of 2018 Among Equals expanded our circle to include women and their communities in Australia who may not have the opportunity to access both items of necessity and beauty for themselves.

We invited members of the community to join the bilum circle by donating essential and beauty items to fill a bilum. We had an incredible response from local members of the community, business and organisations including;
Tsuno organic pads, Natio, No Pong Natural Deodorant, Koala Eco, Made in Mada, Kosmea Australia, Shu Beauty Works and Orchard St.

We sold over 75 bilum packed to the brim with the intention of raising money to fund a community lead project in Goroka. We raised over $2000 and with this money the community built their own composting toilet to be used by the women and their families that stay and utilise the Blue Haus facilities.

The sanitation project was completed in July 2019 and marks an important moment for the women and children of the Blue Haus.

To honour International Women’s Day 2019 we held a weaving workshop at the Among Equals Studio in Bronte. We had 12 women join us and to learn some simple weaving skills using organic materials.We were able to raise another $500 for the sanitation project and share some valuable weaving skills with our local community.The workshop was led by Josephine Bennet of Mrs. Wabi and was sponsored by Calipress and Iggys Downunder.

We will continue to deepen our engagement with communities in both Australia and PNG through financial support for community lead projects, charitable initiatives and employment opportunities.