Steps Design

  • The Steps pattern is inspired by a woman's daily journey up the mountain steps. Everyday she comes down the steps to collect water and the things that she needs to sustain her family. She carries them back up to her house on the mountain side, sometimes walking alone and sometimes with friends. They share stories and laugh, bringing joy to a task that would otherwise be hard.
  • This Bilum is handwoven from acrylic and wool yarn as well as upcycled knitwear using traditional weaving techniques.

  • Large size body and medium strap length.
  • Adornments sold separately.

58cm wide
44cm high
78cm strap

Founded by Maggie T Kera, the Project 2 Mile initiative helps marginalised women living in underprivileged settlements in Port Moresby. Its aim is to empower artisan weavers by generating life-changing income for the women and their families. Each Bilum takes around six weeks to make and communicates life stories through pattern and colour.

 Among Equals is a non-profit brand merging art, fashion and community with the ancient practice of Bilum weaving. Together with Project 2 Mile, we celebrate the weavers’ art and the idea that ethical fashion can be founded in time-honoured techniques, positive messaging and sustainable processes.

Read more about The Weavers. 

To clean bag, remove pom pom and tassel, cold machine wash and line dry.

* Adornments sold separately

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