Natural Bilum 2823


  • Woven using natural fibres and dyes
  • Small size body and strap
  • The patterns are inspired by the surrounding environment, lineage and life of the artisan
  • Weavers expertly utilise natural dyes made from plants, ochres and berries to enhance their patterns.

    • Adornments sold separately.


    32cm wide
    35cm high
    67cm strap

    Artisan weaver Salome Park, 30, is married with five children. Her eldest daughter, Rachel, 13, has started to learn the craft from her mother after school. Salome’s husband is currently setting up a nature park for tourists in Goroka, meanwhile Salome weaves whenever she can to support the family’s income.

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    To clean bag, hang in direct sunlight for a couple of hours.

    * Adornments sold separately

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