First we provide the artisans with colour inspiration mood boards. We aim to influence through colour but not to take away from the stories that need to be told.

Combining craft skills handed down through generations with contemporary aesthetics we aim to enhance what our artisans do best.

There are two types of Bilum. Natural fibre or 'bush rope' is produced using a technique of hand rolling plant materials along the knee. The bush rope is either left plain or dyed using berries, leaves or mud and woven into patterns. The other fibre available is imported woollen/acrylic yarn. The women take two to three days to twist the yarn also on the knee which makes the bags super expandable.

We regularly travel to PNG and work directly with our artisans. When we have the bags back in Australia we work on enhancing with colourful pom poms, tassels, hand painted wooden beads and more!